How You Can Help

We’re nothing without our supportive community. Here are all the best ways you can lend us a hand.

  • Subscribe to our Patreon to help us sustain our project long-term
  • Buy us one or more of the books on our wishlists
  • Pass on our info to your imprisoned friend or loved one
  • Donate paperback books on the most popular topics*

We also appreciate all the help we can get in the form of stamps and other in-kind donations, or simply tips and advice.  If you have connections, donations or advice to offer us, or want to get involved yourself, please see our contact page.

Thank you for caring about the hopes and aspirations of those behind bars.

*Most Popular Topics

The most popular topics are as follows. Latin American studies, African American studies, African studies, Asian studies, general history, historical fiction, fantasy & science fiction, Women & Gender studies, Native American studies, Labor studies, practical skills, self-help, psychology, language learning, reference.

We welcome any well-kept paperback donations on these topics.